German courses B2/C1 for doctors and medical professionals in Vienna

Foreign doctors who would like to practice medicine in Austria have to first be registered to the doctor’s list by the Austrian Medical Chamber. One of the conditions for this registration is sufficient subject-specific German language knowledge at the C1 level. Proof of this for those who don’t have German as their native language is obtained by an exam from the Austrian Medical Chamber. Sprachschule Aktiv offers B2/C1 German courses for doctors and medical professionals in Vienna. In these courses the subject-specific German abilities will be trained so that you are fully prepared for the exam.

A free language level assessment which you can do from the comfort of your home is available on our homepage. If you have not yet achieved B2 level then you can register for our general A1, A2, B1 and B2 German courses. Start by taking our free German placement test to help you find your level.


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Medical German courses for doctors – course description and content

Our B2/C1 courses are not only designed for doctors and medical professionals, but also for medical students who want to improve their subject-specific German abilities and are already at a B2 level (in accordance with the CEFR specifications).

In the medical profession it is crucial to master subject-related vocabulary and a high level of written and spoken language in order to ensure that communication with patients, colleagues and positions of authority is free from language-barriers and potential confusion.

Our medical German course is very practically-oriented. You will perfect your medical-specific oral and written skills with realistic case studies and situations.

Course goals:

Our B2/C1 German courses for medical professionals in Vienna will ensure your language skills are sufficiently competent for your occupation. Whether it’s everyday language use or difficult situations, such as emergency operations or life-or-death cases, our medical German course prepares you for all possibilities! Furthermore, the course brings you up to a C1 level – proof of which is necessary for the ÖÄK (Austrian Medical Chamber) exam.

Course content:

Receptive listening and reading comprehension, and productive speaking and listening.
Case history, therapy vocabulary and medical reports
Consult and inform patients
Communication with colleagues
Communication with medical staff
Communication with administrations, authorities and health facilities: applications, justifying acquisitions, etc.

Medical German course – Starting dates and prices

Level: B2/C1
Requirements: minimum B2/B2+ German language abilities, in accordance with the CEFR
Starting date: every first Monday of the month
Dates: Monday to Friday, 08:00-11:00/11:00-14:00/18:00-21:00
(*from 5 participants: 3×60 minutes per day, with 4 participants 2×60 minutes per day)
Duration: 4 weeks
Price: 599 €

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Preparation for the ÖÄK German language exam

In order for the education and training of medical professionals from non-German speaking EU countries to be acknowledged (and the registration of doctors from third-world countries to be made possible), the ÖÄK German exam must prove a sufficient level of German.

The contents of our course prepares you as much as possible for this ÖAK exam. The exam tests your oral abilities in fictitious conversations with patients, colleagues and medical staff, as well as your written competences (for example, hypothetical writings to medical insurance companies).

Who needs the German ÖÄK exam?

Doctors and specialists who completed their education in a non-German speaking country have to pass the Medical Chamber’s language exam to prove they have sufficient (C1 level) knowledge of the German language. Then they can be registered on the list of doctors of the Medical Chamber.

Contents of the ÖAK German language exam for doctors and medical professionals

The aim of the ÖAK German language exam, both in terms of the topic contents and the structure, is to certify that the student is at the C1 level (in accordance with the CEFR).
The exam is divided into three parts, which test practical oral and written German knowledge.

In the oral part of the exam:

– The patient consultation, including medical history and therapy, in which how to express yourself and answer the patient’s questions is tested. The Austrian health system, cultural differences and medical work practice is discussed.
– Realistic communication situations between patients and doctors/ colleagues.
– The oral exam lasts between 20 and 25 minutes.

The written part of the exam consists of at least 100 words written on a topic about communication with the hospital administration, authorities and other health facilities (e.g. rehabilitation centers). Possible topics are, for example, administration, requests for purchases or patients.
30 minutes’ time is allowed for the written exam.
Listening, speaking, reading and writing are practiced with the goal of increasing the language level from B2 to C1.

Assessment and results of the ÖAK German exam

The exam is assessed objectively and subjectively. After a processing period of 10 to 14 days, your exam results (‘pass’ or ‘fail’) will be made known to you in writing.

If you have not passed the exam, the whole exam (oral and written parts) must be re-sat. You are allowed to re-take the exam as many times as necessary.

Whether doctor, medical professional or a medical student, you can be sure that we will help you perfect your field-specific German and prepare you successfully for the ÖÄK German language exam!