German courses and internships in Vienna

Our language school Aktiv in Vienna offers German courses and internships in Vienna. The German language courses are suitable for beginners and advanced learners.

German language courses and internships in Vienna

People learning the German language in Vienna gain several advantages. First, they learn the language in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. Second, they get to know how nice the people are. It is even better if the German course is combined with an internship. In addition to the language skills that you will gain, you will also gain important practical abilities in Vienna. In addition, the internship is an ideal chance for you to apply and practice your new language skills.

Intensive German courses and internships in Vienna are an ideal match

Book an intensive course with us, and do an internship in Vienna. The lessons take place every day, but the lesson hours will be framed according to your internship. In the classroom, our teachers will teach you German in a practical and lively way. Afterwards, in the internship you will have the opportunity to immediately put what you learned into practice. You will see more progress every day and your motivation will increases. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate from us and also a certificate of the internship. You can then apply for a job or at a university.

Further information on registration and prices of our German courses can be found here.

Vienna is a city worth seeing!

In addition to the internship and the language course, you have enough time to enjoy your time in the city. We are sure that an excursion to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Prater or Grinzing will leave you amazed! After the course you can look back and remember the exciting time you spent in Vienna.

Intensive German courses and internships in Vienna

The language course is optimally tailored according to your needs

When you join a language course at our language school Aktiv in Vienna, you do not take any risks. If you already have some basic or even advanced knowledge in German, we will first test your knowledge and language skills with our placement test that is free of charge. You can even take this test at home. If you are already in Vienna, you are of course welcome to take the test at our language school. Then, we will gladly direct you to the appropriate language course. This means that you will not lose any time when learning a language with us.

If you are not sure if the German language course is right for you, simply register for a free trial lesson. You get to take part in a regular lesson and know the teachers. If the lesson or teaching techniques do not live up to your expectations, just let us know. You will get your money back without any difficulties.

Life in Austria is waiting for you!

A certificate of an internship in Austria together with a proof of the German language acquisition opens up many doors for you. A good knowledge of German is necessary if you want to start studying in a German-based university or if you want to look for a job. If you have completed an internship and language course, nothing stands in your way.

Language school Aktiv Vienna


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