How can I pay for a language course or an ÖIF exam?

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Cancellation insurance for missed courses and exams

Have you registered for a course or an exam and then realize that you cannot take part as planned? If you are unable to take part in a course or exam due to an unforeseen event, please note that the full course or exam fees still need to be paid.

You have the option of purchasing a cancellation insurance, which will cover the fees that are still due for courses or examinations that you cannot attend.

A lot can happen before you start your course or exam. In the event that you are unable to attend the course or the exam, for example due to sudden illness, Covid 19, accident, loss of job as a result of termination or other reasons, the course costs or exam costs will be refunded by the cancellation insurance.

The cancellation insurance for missed courses or exams is active if it is purchased before the start of the respective course. This means that you must purchase the cancellation insurance for your course or exam before the course or exam begins in order for the cancellation insurance to cover the expenses.

If you would like to conclude a contract or have further questions regarding , you must contact Europäische Reiseversicherung AG directly.

How can I pay for a language course or an ÖIF exam?