Language courses in Vienna

What language would you like to learn? Learn German and other foreign languages in private lessons. You can choose from more than 40 languages including English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French, as well as world languages such as Russian and Chinese. We also offer private lessons in Turkish, Japanese or Arabic. Private lessons in Vienna? Polish, Slovakian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Czech, or Bulgarian? You can find it all with us! See an overview of all languages here:

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Learn German and other foreign languages in Vienna

Looking for a language teacher in Vienna?

Our language school in Vienna focuses on effective private lessons, company courses and small-group lessons. We believe that success of your education and group-size are closely linked.

You searched for your desired language everywhere but until now it has all been in vain? Not anymore. Here you will find what you are looking for. Even if you only have time on certain days and hours, we will adapt the lesson time to your schedule – not the other way around. In addition, if you cannot come to our language school, the teacher can come to any place you choose, without extra travel costs.

Individual lessons at language school Aktiv Vienna

Learning a language does not have to be expensive! Our language courses in Vienna take into consideration your progress and money. Our language instructors teach you without pressuring you or overloading you with too much work. In addition, they also design the lesson contents according to your interests.

Private course - learn languages with private teachers

Attractive prices – Affordable language courses in Vienna for your private lessons

Our prices are suitable for both individuals and companies. The more units you book, the cheaper the language course will be.

Price per 45 minute lesson
The more lessons you book, the better value you get!

10 lessons or more: 48€ per lesson
20 lessons or more: 45€ per lesson
50 lessons or more: 42€ per lesson
80 lessons or more: 40€ per lesson

A special offer for saving money: Take private courses or company courses together with two or three other people. Then, the regular price is divided among you.

Private courses for work, vacation or study at language school Aktiv Vienna

Are you interested in learning a foreign language? German, Spanish, Italian, or any other world language?

Language school Aktiv Vienna makes you fit for your business, next holiday or study life. Would like to master German in a professional way? You will with us, whether in group or private lessons. Our language school not only brings together all the world languages under one roof, but also participants of different ages and professions.

Qualified and compassionate private teachers at language school Aktiv Vienna

Why do only qualified native speakers teach at our language school in Vienna? Because the cultural background plays an important role in learning a new foreign language, our teachers bring it all from home. If you have little time, but want to learn a lot and make progress, private lessons in Vienna are the most suitable form of instruction for you. Private lessons are designed to meet your specific needs: you can freely organize the topics you desire to learn about.

Private lessons for beginners and advanced learners at language school Aktiv Vienna

Language school Aktiv Vienna is an accredited language institute according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages .

We have six levels for beginners and advanced students from A1 to C2. Experience the language as naturally as possible! Our offers suit students, employees, emigrants or anyone else who wants to learn the language in small groups or in individual lessons. Our language lessons are flexible and ready to be adjusted according to your wishes. Regular excursions, cultural programs and leisure activities altogether complete the goals of our language school, where many cultures meet.

Free-trial private lessons at language school Aktiv Vienna

How fit are you already for the language you have chosen? Do you have any previous knowledge, basic knowledge or are you just a bit scared to take the risk?

Would you like to get to know your private tutor during a free trail lesson in your chosen foreign language? Try a lesson with us, and if you are not satisfied with your private lesson on the first day, you will get your money back.

But we will of course be happy if you do not use our money refund option and decide you want to continue learning with us!

Want to save money? Learn in a group of two participants or together with three of your friends, and share the cost of the language lessons. The more hours you book, the cheaper the cost will be. With us, learn German or any other languages of the world in Vienna – with fun and success!

Language learning cheaply and efficiently at language school Aktiv Vienna!

Quick, affordable, efficient and tailored to meet your personal needs; these are the advantages of our lessons. A private language instructor completes the course by working with you on your selected areas of interest. The topics or contents will focus on your strengths and your weaknesses.

Individual lessons in German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Slovak, Arabic and many other languages are all available with at our school.

Our language teachers will adapt to your calendar and your needs

Determine the time you want your individual lesson to take place at, and the lecturer for Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese or French will be ready. This leaves you with the choice of the place where you want to be taught. The private lessons can even be held at your home. Our offers include in-house courses, company courses or trainings on business topics.

Private language course with free trial lesson

It is sometimes difficult to know what suits you most when it comes to languages. Our solution: Ask for a trial lesson in your desired language: Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese or French. Then the lecturers and methods will be clearer to you.

If you are interested, please contact us for a placement test for private lessons or in-house courses. You have little time? Take the test at home; it is available online. The placement test will help you and us to find the most suitable language teacher for the training.