The ÖIF Exam A1, A2, B1, B2 in Vienna

If you need an ÖIF certificate, then Sprachschule Aktiv Wien is the right place for you. Whether you need an A1, A2, B1 or B2 exam, we will offer you the appropriate exam. In addition, the language school Aktiv also offers the suitable language courses for you to learn and perfect the German language. Our German language courses in Vienna help you to express yourself more freely and eliminate any language barriers. In our German courses, you will not only learn German, but you will also be perfectly prepared for the ÖIF exam. Sufficient knowledge of German is required to pass an ÖIF exam. Learning the grammar will not just be based on the theory. You will be able to use the German grammar confidently in conversations. It will all be explained simply and clearly in our language courses.

You can choose the appropriate ÖIF test from A1, A2, B1 up to B2 levels. Whether you need the A1 exam for the residence permit, the A2 exam for the extension of the permit or the B1 exam to obtain citizenship. We are certified course and exam holders and you can do the ÖIF exam directly at our language school.

Do you lack the necessary German skills?

If you want to learn basic German, then an A1 German course is the right choice for you. Have you already acquired some of the basic knowledge of the A1 German language? Then you can attend an A2 German course at our school. Also in this language course we can prepare you for the ÖIF exam. You would like to further develop and master the B1 level of the German language? In a B1 German language course you can further improve your language skills and perfect the German grammar. For advanced students we offer 8-week intensive German courses B2.

Do you need quick and targeted exam preparation?

At our language school, you will find the suitable ÖIF exam preparation course. We prepare you specifically for the exam. Whether for the A1, A2, B1 or B2 ÖIF exam, in each of the ÖIF preparatory course you will practise with realistic exam examples. You can take the ÖIF exam with us and also attend the preparatory course. Further information on the preparation courses for the ÖIF exam can be found here: Preparation courses.

The ÖIF Exam A1, A2, B1, B2 in Vienna

ÖIF Exam Dates

1 Step: Register online
2 Step: Transfer the amount after receiving an invoice
3 Step: Upload your ID (front and back side as a single file) immediately after receiving an invoice here: ID Upload
4 Step: On the exam day, bring your proof of identity, payment confirmation and a non-erasable pen with you.
5 Step: The exam starts punctually at 09:00 a.m, please come at 08:30 a.m. Exam location: Faulmanngasse 4, 1040 Wien
6 Step: ÖIF sends the exam results directly to you by email. Good luck!

ÖIF A1 (Integrationsprüfung)ÖIF A2 (Integrationsprüfung)ÖIF B1 (Integrationsprüfung)ÖIF B2
No cancellation or postponement possible.200 €200 €200 €200 €

Which language level am I? Free online placement test

In order to choose the appropriate German exam at your language level, we offer you a free German placement test online. Click here to evaluate your language level online for free: Placement test

What does an ÖIF Certificate look like?

Here you can have a look at the ÖIF Certificate: ÖIF-Exam Result Vienna

ÖIF Model Tests

Using our ÖIF model tests, you see what an integration exam looks like.

ÖIF exam A1 model test
ÖIF exam A2 model test
ÖIF exam B1 model test
ÖIF exam B2 model test

Listening exercise A1 model test

Listening exercise A2 model test

Listening exercise B1 model test


Learn and practice the German grammar

Furthermore, you can benefit from our free online exercises if you are learning German as a foreign language:

Free Online German Exercises
Blog – Learn German

ÖIF exam at Sprachschule Aktiv Wien – Frequently asked questions

1. What does “ÖIF” mean?

The Austrian Integration Fund offers various ÖIF examinations in order to officially prove proficiency in the German language. The exam is also required for a valid residence permit (permanent residence, citizenship):

Integration exam A1
Integration exam A2
Integration exam B1
ÖIF-Exam B2

2. Why do I need an ÖIF examination and what are the ÖIF certificates a recognition of?

The Magistrate and an employer recognize the examinations as official proof of knowledge of German language proficiency. For the first residence permit you need the ÖIF A1 exam. This tests your knowledge of German at the A1 level, including knowledge of values and orientation. You need the A2 integration test to extend your residence permit. This ÖIF exam tests your knowledge of German at the A2 level, including knowledge of values and orientation. The B1 integration test is a prerequisite for citizenship and permanent residence. The B1 exam tests your knowledge of German at the B1 level, including knowledge of values and orientation. The ÖIF B2 exam tests your knowledge of German at level B2. You need German language skills at level B2 in order to gain Austrian citizenship after a 6-year stay.

3. I would like to do an ÖIF exam (A1, A2, B1 or B2). What does this exam look like?

All ÖIF exams consist of a written and an oral section.

A1 Exam: In the written exam you have to answer questions about language modules (10 mins.), Listening (15 mins.), Reading and Writing (45 mins.) as well as knowledge of values and orientation (40 mins.). The test consists of true/false and multiple-choice questions. In the oral exam, the speaking section lasts 15 mins. There are always 2 examiners to assess the language skills in the oral section.

A2 Exam: In the written exam, you must answer questions in the following sections: listening (25 mins.), reading (45 mins.), writing (30 mins.) and knowledge of values and orientation (40 mins.). The test consists of true/false, multiple-choice questions, matching the correct answers and writing a text on an answer sheet. In the oral exam, the speaking section lasts 15 mins. There are always 2 examiners to assess the language skills in the oral section.

B1 Exam: The written exam includes questions on reading (40 mins.), Listening (12 mins.), Writing (25 mins.) and knowledge of values and orientation (40 mins.). The test consists of true/false and multiple-choice questions and writing a text on an answer sheet. In the oral exam, the speaking section lasts 15 mins. There are always 2 examiners to assess the language skills in the oral section.

B2 Exam: In the written exam you have to answer questions about reading and sentence building modules (90 mins.), Listening (25 mins.) and writing (30 mins.). You have to answer true/false questions, multiple choice questions and write a text. In the oral exam, speaking takes 15-25 minutes. The candidates have an individual preparation time of 20 minutes each, during which a German dictionary is allowed. There are always 2 examiners who assess the speaking.

4. How long does the ÖIF exam take?

The German exam starts at 09:00 and lasts about 5 to 7 hours. The exact duration of the exam depends on your level.

5. What do I need to register for the ÖIF exam?

Proof of identity. Please upload your ID (front and back side as a single file) immediately after receiving an invoice: ID Upload.
Following proof of identity are acceptable:

  • Passport that has not expired for more that 1 year
  • Legitimationskarte
  • Austrian residence permit or Photo ID for EEA Citizens and Switzerland
  • Valid ID which is issued by a member state of European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland.
  • Austrian driving license
  • Ausweis für Vertriebene gemäß § 62 AsylG
  • Karte für Asylberechtigte gem. § 51a AsylG (Blue Card)
  • Karte für subsidiär Schutzberechtigte gem. § 52 AsylG (Grey Card)
  • Aufenthaltsberechtigungskarte gem. § 51 AsylG (White Card)
  • Verfahrenskarte gem. § 50 AsylG (Green Card)
  • Fremdenpass § 88 FPG that has not expired for more that 1 year
  • Konventionsreisepass gem. § 94 FPG that has not expired for more that 1 year
  • Identitätskarte für Fremde gem. § 94a FPG
  • Aufenthaltstitel aus berücksichtigungswürdigen Gründen gem. § 54 AsylG
  • Duldungskarte gem. § 46a Abs 4 FPG
  • Ausweis für Vertriebene gem. § 62 AsylG

6. How can I register for the ÖIF exam?


7. How can I pay for the ÖIF exam?

By bank transfer. You will receive an invoice per email after an online registration. The amount is to be paid within 24 hours after receipt of the invoice.

8. How much does the ÖIF exam cost at Sprachschule Aktiv Wien?

ÖIF exam A1, A2 or B1: 190 €
ÖIF exam B2: 200 €

9. Which ÖIF exam can I take at Sprachschule Aktiv Wien?

A1, A2,B1 or B2 ÖIF exam.

10. When do the ÖIF examinations take place – examination dates?

The A1, A2, B1 and B2 ÖIF exams take place every month. You can find the current exam dates on our homepage every month.

11. Can I join an ÖIF exam preparation course and when does it take place?

Sprachschule Aktiv Wien is a certified course institution and ÖIF examination center and offers German courses and preparatory courses for ÖIF exams. Statistical experience has proven that participants of a preparatory course at our language school have over a 91% chance of passing the ÖIF exam. On the contrary, only 47% of the participants who do not take a preparatory course pass the exam. Our German courses also prepare you for the ÖIF exam. In the course, you will learn to read, listen, write and speak German. You will also gain the required knowledge of the Austrian values and orientation. The ÖIF exam is explained and practised as if  you are experiencing a real examination. This gives you a much greater chance of passing the exam. Even if you have not attended a language course at our language school, you can still prepare for the ÖIF exam with us.

Here are the dates for the ÖIF exam preparation courses:

12. What do I have to bring to the ÖIF examination?

Your proof of identity (e.g. passport). It is not possible to take the exam without valid proof of identity.
Writing material: non-erasable ballpoint pen.

13. Can I use a dictionary for the ÖIF exam?

You are not allowed to use a dictionary for the A1, A2 and B1 exam levels. For the B2 level you are allowed to use a dictionary. You must bring your own dictionary with you if you want to use it.

14. How does the ÖIF exam take place at Sprachschule Aktiv Wien?

We offer the written and the oral exam on the same day. All levels start at 9:00 am and end at around 3:00 pm.

15. How can I prepare for the ÖIF examination myself?

On our homepage you can find model tests for the following integration tests: A1 model ÖIF-test, A2 model ÖIF-test, B1 model ÖIF-test.

16. Can I retake the ÖIF exam?

You can retake the exam as many times as you need. After a failed exam, you can immediately start another exam.

17. What happens if I fail part  of the ÖIF examination (oral or written)?

Written and oral exams take place on the same day. It is not possible to repeat parts of the course (oral or written). If you fail one section of the exam, you have to repeat the entire exam.

18. When and how will I receive my exam results?

The test results are usually sent 2 to 3 weeks after the test. The results are sent per email directly and exclusively by the ÖIF. We, Sprachschule Aktiv, have no influence whatsoever on the examination results or on the time it takes for the ÖIF to process the examination results.

19. I need my exam results as soon as possible.

The magistrate can submit a written request to the ÖIF (by e-mail to The request must contain the following information: name of the participant, date of examination, examination institute. The ÖIF can then confirm the exam result in writing to the magistrate directly before the certificate is issued.

20. For how long is my ÖIF exam certificate valid?

The exams are valid until further notice: as long as the current integration law is valid, the examination certificates are also valid.

21. How can I cancel my registration from an ÖIF exam?

Once registered for an ÖIF exam, it is not possible to withdraw or cancel the registration.

22. I reached the school late on my exam day. Am I still admitted?

If you are late to an exam, you might no longer be allowed to do the exam, regardless whether you are 1 or 10 minutes late. It is decision of the examiner from ÖIF whether you will still be admitted to the examination or not. The language school does not decide whether they would still let you join the exam. If you are not admitted because you are late, the examination fee must still be paid and no refund would be possible.

23. What is meant by value and orientation knowledge?

The knowledge of values and orientation is an additional part of the ÖIF tests A1, A2 and B1. This test asks questions about the rules of living in Austria and lasts 40 minutes. It consists of 18 questions on living and working in Austria. Each level (A1, A2 or B1) contains these questions. You must answer these questions to pass the ÖIF exam.

24. Who is there in an ÖIF exam?

Two examiners carry out the test. There must always be at least one ÖIF examiner. The second examiner is usually from the Sprachschule Aktiv Wien. Two examiners and one supervisor are present for B2 exams.


For a German integration course at level A2, you will be reimbursed 50% of the course costs (up to a maximum of 750 Euros).

You must inform Sprachschule Aktiv in written form that you have an ÖIF voucher (Blue Voucher) when registering and on the first day of the course.
You must have a course attendance of at least 75%.
You need to pass the ÖIF A2 exam.

26. ÖIF voucher – how do I get the course fees back?

After you have attended an integration course with us, we will fill out the blue voucher with the details of the integration course and stamp it for you. Please take the voucher with you on the last day of the course.

After completing the course, you must pass an ÖIF integration exam. You can take the completed voucher with you on the exam day or send it to the ÖIF by post after the exam.

Send the blue federal voucher with a copy of your ÖIF certificate by post to:

Österreichischer Integrationsfonds
z. Hd. Bereich Sprache
Landstraßer Hauptstraße 26
1030 Wien

After receipt of all documents, billing takes place.

27. Can the teacher or the examiner help me to pass during the exam?

No. The exam is corrected by the ÖIF so that the Sprachschule Aktiv has no influence on time it takes to correct the exam and does not assume any liability for the exam results. Sprachschule Aktiv has no influence on the correction or assessment of the exam.  Therefore, Sprachschule Aktiv assumes no liability for a failed exam.

28. Who corrects the ÖIF exams?

It is the sole responsibility of the ÖIF to correct the exams and to send you the examination results by email. Sprachschule Aktiv has no influence on the examination documents and the results or on who passes the examination and who does not. Only ÖIF is authorised to correct the exams and report the results.

29. I have not yet received my ÖIF result. What should I do?

Please be patient. ÖIF always tries to correct the tests as quickly as possible. Sometimes there can be longer waiting times. If your exam result is not available after 5 weeks, please contact the ÖIF directly at Landstraße Hauptstraße 26. Tel:+43 (0) 1 7151051-250

30. I did not pass the ÖIF exam. Why?

We as a language learning institute have no influence on the test results. If an examination result does not seem justified to you, please contact the ÖIF to request access to your exam result or to discuss it on-site. Sprachschule Aktiv also offers exam preparation courses, which will help you to pass the ÖIF exam more easily.

31. Cheated on the ÖIF exam? These are the consequences…

You work alone and focus only on your exam. If you take false or invalid documents, copy answers from others, or talk to your neighbor, you can be excluded from the exam. You then have to leave the exam room and your exam will no longer be assessed and is therefore no longer valid. If you take a fake ID card with you to the examination, you are not eligible to enter the exam and, in the worst case, you may face a police report. Cheating can therefore mean the expulsion from Austria! So, don’t cheat your way out!


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