German Courses in Vienna – German language school in Austria

German Courses in Vienna for beginners and advanced – German Language school in Austria. Join German courses in one of the most beautiful cities in Austria! In Vienna, you will not only learn the German language but also learn about the Austrian culture. You can choose between several German courses which will all be fully adapted to your needs. We guarantee that your German will improve at our Language School Aktiv Vienna!

German Course in Vienna from beginner to advanced Levels

We offer German courses from beginner to advanced levels. Our courses are divided into the following levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

German Course in Vienna

German Intensive courses – Studying German in Vienna

German Intensive courses take place from Monday to Thursday from 09:00am till 12:00am. In the afternoon, you get to practice the language more and visit the beautiful city. German courses for students with previous knowledge start every Monday. German courses for beginners start every first Monday of the month.


German Course in Austria

Learn German in small groups

At Language School Aktiv Vienna, you will learn German in small groups.

For us, the number of students in the groups is a crucial aspect: each group has no more than 10 participants. In small groups you have the opportunity to focus on the lesson more intensively and speak the German language as much as possible.

The choice of the teacher is an important factor

In addition to the number of participants, another important factor is the teachers. The Language School Aktiv Vienna is committed to carefully selecting its teachers. It is fundamental that they are native speakers who embody a pedagogic attitude. They also need to be kind and willing to motivate students and initiate collaborations. Students therefore, learn the language in a challenging yet fun way.

Brilliant German teachers

Our team has brilliant German teachers who are qualified and can create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for all students. All the teachers are native speakers and have the appropriate educational skills. The key to learning the German language is to have the courage to talk to German speakers. Our teachers encourage students to speak and communicate in the German language  during the lessons. They do a great job with our students and teach much more than just a language.

Free placement test and trial class

If you already have basic knowledge in the German language, you can check your language level through our placement test at our Language School Aktiv Vienna or online. After the placement test, you will be assigned to an appropriate course. Your German skills will improve quickly and effectively!

The first lesson is a trial lesson. Is the German course too easy or advanced for you? You can’t connect with the teacher, his/her teaching methods or attitude? After the first lesson, you are free to change the course.

We provide visa support necessary  for visa application

If you want to attend a German course in our Language School Aktiv Vienna, and you are not a citizen of the European Union, you will need a visa. As lack of fluency in German can complicate the procedure, we will support you with handling any formalities and authorities.

Our Language School is in the city center of Vienna

The Language School Aktiv Vienna is easily accessible with the public transport or by car.

Not only language learning

By attending a German course in our Language School Aktiv in Vienna, you will not only practice grammar and conversation skills, but you will also learn about the Austrian culture and the Austrian lifestyle. For this reason, we organize regular trips and other activities.

Money back guarantee without any risks

Attending the language courses is risk-free for you. If after the first lesson you are not happy with the German course or the teacher, we will refund your fee.

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