English courses for businesses – Company language courses in Vienna

Vienna is an important, international center for trade. And where trade occurs, there will also be communication! With so many trade partners who come from all over the world, a common language has to be found. In most cases, this language is English! Sprachschule Aktiv is offering English courses for businesses in order to help your employees successfully navigate international communication. We offer courses for professionals in English for all ability levels. Our courses are tailored to your needs, so that improvements are made quickly and effectively.

More generally, we offer English courses for groups as well as individual tuition.

Contacts for Business and private clients:
Mr. Matic
(consultation in German, Serbian and Croatian)
Ms. Lettner (consultation in Spanish, French and German)
Ms. El-Sabagh (consultation in Arabic and English)
Ms. Gaal (consultation in Hungarian, German and English)

Phone number: +4315222467

Learn English at your company in Vienna

When you book an English Company course, you are in control of the specifics. This means that you can state when, where and how often you’d like our English teachers to come to you. Some companies prefer an earlier appointment time, such as 08:00 or 09:00. Other would rather have lessons at midday or in the early evening. You can choose when suits you best according to your schedule.

The type of course is equally able to be tailored to you. If you have several employees who are on a similar language level, then a group course would be ideal. Sprachschule Aktiv is always careful that there are no more than ten people in a group, in order to ensure that each participant gets enough practice time and attention.

If only a few individuals are on a similar language level, we also offer private tuition. It goes without saying that both types of course will integrate your specified requirements so that your employees learn the exact knowledge that they need.

English courses for businesses in Vienna

Company courses in Business English in Vienna

In addition to general English courses for companies in which your employees refresh and deepen their general language skills, Sprachschule Aktiv also offers special courses for Business English. The vocabulary of Business English is the focal point of these courses. The most important situations which your employees will encounter are trained, such as telephone conversations or negotiations. These are repeated and practiced as often as necessary until they are mastered!

Our English company courses are taught by experienced teachers

Our language teachers, who are able to come to you in your company, are both qualified and experienced. In order to offer you a high standard or teaching, Sprachschule Aktiv is careful to select teachers who have completed a teaching-based education. This means that your employees can profit from the most modern teaching methods from teachers who are all native-speaker level.

From the very start you are in good hands with an English coEnglish courses for businesses - Company language courses in Viennampany course

Do you have several employees who would like to sign up for an English course, but you’re not sure which language level they’re on? In this case, you can make use of the free level placement test on our website.

You are also welcome to book a trial lesson, in which you have the possibility to get to know your teacher and how they teach and create an individual plan for your classes.

Our prices for an English company course in Vienna

There is no set quota for the number of teaching units for company courses. You can set how many units/lessons you would like to book. However, the more units you book for private lessons, the cheaper they become!

1-3 ParticipantsPrice per lesson à 45 minutes4-12 ParticipantsPrice per lesson à 45 minutes
From 20 lessons49 €From 20 lessons59 €
From 50 lessons45 €From 50 lessons52 €
From 80 lessons40 €From 80 lessons50 €
Duration per appointment:Classes should last at least 90 minutes per session.
Recommended appointments:At least 1x to 3x per week.

We don’t expect a minimum booking – so if you only want to book one lesson, then that’s fine by us!

Included VAT: € 0.00
Learning materials (textbooks, etc.) are not included in the price.
Language tuition in Sprachschule Aktiv Wien (in Austria) is exempt from VAT.
One learning unit is 45 minutes.


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