Studying in Austria. Universities in Vienna

In Vienna you can’t only find the Prater and the St. Stephen’s Cathedral but a large number of universities as well. The wide array of studies you can inscribe for there range from natural sciences to philosophy, from pedagogy to music.

Studying in Austria – Universities in Vienna

The following universities are located in Vienna

In Vienna there are federal and private universities. If you want to study in Vienna, you can choose one of these federal universities:

  • University of Vienna
  • TU Wien
  • Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Medical University of Vienna
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
  • University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
  • University College of Teacher Education in Vienna
  • University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

At which university should I study?

The University of Vienna is one of the largest universities in Europe and offers its students a diverse array of studies. The many different courses allow the student to visit lectures in other disciplines as well.

The other universities are more specialized to one discipline. Your choice for one of these universities depends strongly on your preferences. Introverts find it often hard to make friends in large universities. There are only seminars and the participating students are together for only half a year. It’s therefore easier to make friends at a smaller university.

Before choosing a university, you should check the university’s website to get some information about their way of teaching. The workload can vary widely from study to study. Natural sciences are often very laborious. Liberal arts are different; here you’re free to schedule your time within a certain timeframe.

The requirements for studying in Vienna

Like in every other country, a student in Vienna has to prove they have had a certain form of education in order to start studying. For Austrian students, it means they must have passed the ‘Matura’. Foreign students need to have a comparable degree.

In addition to the Matura, some courses will have certain selection procedures. When there’s only a limited amount of seats, aspiring students need to pass certain tests. It’s a good idea to prepare for these tests to increase your chances.

In Vienna, the language of instruction is German. In order to attend the lectures, you need to prove you have the required language skills. Some universities require the ‘Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDaF, Test German as a Foreign Language). You should prepare for this test by getting a language course.

Financing your study

Studying at a federal university in Vienna is free of charge but should you exceed the expected timeframe for your study by more than two semesters, you need to pay a tuition fee per semester. Every student also has to pay a cheap semester fee.

While studying in Vienna is very cheap, the living expenses are another story. In Vienna, accommodation and the cost of living are expensive. Every student needs at least €600 to €1000. Certain conditions allow you to get a study grant. This may get you up to €679. This amount is often not enough though, because of which you might need to look for other possibilities, for example a housing benefit or certain scholarships.

Alternatives to studying

Sometimes, a university is not the right choice. Those who’d like a more practice-oriented education can study at a ‘Fachhochschule’ (university of applied sciences).

Another alternative would be a vocational education. In this case you’ll sign a training contract with a training company. The education takes place at a company and at a vocational school at the same time. The contract states the exact requirements for the education and the amount of compensation. For the education you can also apply for a training aid.

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