The lessons are different than ones at school. First, the group size is limited to 8 students. Learning a language works best when the children can actively participate in the lesson. Not only the size of the group, but also the design of the lesson matter. The lessons are loosened up by age-appropriate learning games. In addition, students take a free placement test. Afterwards, our staff will recommend the appropriate language course.

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Language Courses in School Holidays

At Language School Aktiv, we offer effective and affordable holiday language courses in Vienna for children and adolescents in small groups of a maximum of 8 participants. Our experienced teachers teach a variety of languages. Whether you are interested in Spanish, English, Italian or French, you are guaranteed to find the right language course here.

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Our language courses during the school holidays

Our language courses are based on the Austrian holiday calendar. The courses take place as intensive courses, which means that the lessons take place every day. We organize our groups according to the age of the students. The following groups are available:

Students between the ages of 4 and 7 years

Students from 8 to 11 years

Students between 12 and 16 years

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Cost of the language course

The cost of a holiday course is affordable for everyone.

239 euros per week

478 euros per 2 weeks

Language course starts: Every Monday. We always start on the first Monday of the month. If Monday is a public holiday, the intensive course starts on Tuesday. The missed hours of the holiday will be made up for.

Language course dates are from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00.

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Our teachers motivate the students

Teachers are important for the success of learning. We make sure that they are always native speakers. Only then, is an accent-free language acquisition possible. Of course, the teachers also have an educational background and teach according to recognized criteria. At the same time, the lessons are fun.

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Choose your language – English, Spanish, or Italian holiday language courses in Vienna

We teach many languages in Vienna, of course, primarily the languages learned at schools in Austria. These are mainly English, French, Spanish and Italian. For others who are interested in Chinese, Hungarian or want to learn a different language, feel free to contact us.

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Register for an intensive course for your child during the holidays without risk

Simply register your child for a free trail class. After the first day of the course, if the class did not suit your child, you will immediately get your money back. We give you this guarantee, although we are sure of the success of our courses. Most parents and students are satisfied with our performance.